First foray into wordpress

We at are dipping our toes in the water for the first time at WordPress.

My aim is to make this the blog page for our website Over the next few weeks I’ll be bringing over some of our favourite posts from the old site and putting up some great new material that has come out of the growing educational powerhouse that is Bendigo ED. I owe many thanks to Mike Cadogan from for introducing me to the benefits of this sort of blog and to Rob Rogers of and the International Emergency Medicine Teaching course for creating a space where such a great group of people could get together for 5 days to share ideas (I am referring of course, to the IEMTC13 course that just ran at University of Maryland Medical Centre in October).

Keep an eye out over the coming weeks as I get some author details on the site for my partner in EM Education Dr Ben McKenzie and a bunch of new posts as well as some sort of proper link back to the main site. And forgive me if the appearance of the blog changes a dozen times in the first week or so. There are just too many themes to choose from and graphic design was never my strong point (fortunately that is not what they pay me for).

2 thoughts on “First foray into wordpress

  1. This is going to be sweet!

    • Yippee, our first comment.
      We might be relying on you Tom to be our main commenter for a while. You don’t have multiple internet aliases do you? You could make us look really widely read.
      Tranexamic Acid in Trauma coming shortly…

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