Emergency Medicine Registrar Spot Available

Apologies for the non-FOAMed post but at very short notice Bendigo ED unexpectedly has a 12 month vacancy for an Emergency Medicine Registrar for 2015 (starting next week!).

If you have been thinking about a career in EM this is a great place to start your training with the full spread of pathology and patient groups. You’ll get a great deal more independent practice and exposure to procedures than you will in the city but with high quality, enthusiastic and approachable consultant support on the floor from 8am-midnight and 5-10 minutes away overnight.

For the mid-level trainee this is a great chance to get your foot in the door in a dynamic training position with excellent access to terms in ICU, Anaesthetics, General Medicine and Rural & Aboriginal Health in the coming years.

For the senior trainee Bendigo offers the chance to get excellent pre-consultant experience in the pointy end of Emergency Medicine, experience in QI projects and FOAMed blog writing and a highly motivated fellowship exam prep group.

Bendigo ED will be moving into a newly built hospital in around 18 months to 2 years with a significant expansion of services, space and staff so now is a great time to come and get involved.

Contact Dr Mark Putland, Co-DEMT, by clicking here or contact Drs Mark Putland, Ben McKenzie or Simon Smith via the Bendigo Health switch board on 03 54546000.

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