Registrar Positions for 2016

We are recruiting registrars now for 2016.

We’ve got ED/Anaesthetics, ED/ICU, ED/Medicine,  and 12 month ED jobs up for grabs. We’ve also got 3 month rotations to Echuca available if you want to spend some time on the river doing a rural health special skills post with no night shifts.

It’s a great opportunity for an advanced trainee to come and work in a busy general department in a town with great lifestyle opportunities and a brand new enormous hospital due to open in the next 12-18 months (HINT: When you double the size of your ED there’s a good chance that there will be some attractive employment opportunities opening up for new fellows). Leave the doom and gloom, industrial strife, ambulance bypass, and decision making razzamatazz units of the city behind and come and do some Emergency Medicine like it was meant to be done.

The shiny new job ad is here or contact us through the comments section or at the hospital.

I warn you though, with 18 months of Advanced Training Accreditation, 25% paeds (and paed logbook training accreditation), Regional Trauma Responsibilities, active and well motivated fellowhip and primary exam study groups, and one of the best weekly education programs in Australasia (I kid you not) you will be in no hurry to leave.

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