Director’s Corner: Culture

Today, another installment of Director’s corner, from Diana Badcock, soon to be appearing at a major conference near you (if you live in Dublin).


When healthcare professionals are asked to consider the culture of health many offer that they are trying to “Make a Difference” by providing a lifetime of “Service” for the greater good of humanity and rate themselves as being trustworthy, acting with integrity, working in teams, committed to and passionate about the cause.

In reality surveys performed by health services in many hospitals in the developed world have us sitting with “BLAME” as our culture. A very immature and unsatisfactory state of affairs.

Blame stems from holding an individual responsible for a negative outcome rather than the system and processes that support the group/team where the event occurred.

Gratitude ( thank you ) and apology ( sorry ) is rarely uttered in cultures consumed with blame as they are driven by people who look after “number one”. Its rare for people to acknowledge responsibility or regret. If you live in a world of blame these words destroy self-worth and credibility.

Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets.

Lets fight this system- Buck a trend. The ability to utter these two words with care and kindness can move mountains.

It is hard for any one of us to change the system but we can change ourselves. Consider sharing and voicing ‘facts” that concern you, without judgement, opinion, exaggeration and emotion. Do not use tools such as “recruitment’ where you share your story with all these accouterments to create a team of us against them. This splits teams into factions and damages everyone.

Never make things personal.

What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. Thankyou………….

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