Broken ladders and analgesia

What’s the age cut-off for stupid males (or females) to no longer be allowed to climb ladders? As long as it’s under 35 years old I’m safe.

But that’s not the reason for today’s post.  Yesterday I saw half a dozen patients with various painful conditions who at some stage had been prescribed opioids as first line therapy without simple analgesic adjuncts. A quick straw poll of the staff on shift at that time revealed that no-one apart from myself had heard of the WHO pain ladder.

Today is a beautiful spring day in central Victoria. With crisp air, warm sun, and bees happily  gathering digitalis-laden pollen from my foxgloves, it was a good opportunity to get on the roof and clean out the gutters of the house.  Until my ladder broke…. Was it a teachable moment for my personal safety? No.  But it seemed like a teachable moment for how I approach analgesia in the ED.

Climb the ladder to escape pain.


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