Social Media workshop

In preparation for our Social Media ‘How to Get Started’ workshop, follow these links

The concept is called ‘flipping the classroom’ – encouraging you to pre-learn before we come together and discuss

The videos are taken from Rob Rogers @EM_Educator (of University of Kentucky EM, iTeachEM and The Teaching Course)

I had the good fortune of attending #TTCAus16 in July & can recommend it to anyone interested in this fascinating side of medical education! It’s on in Melbourne September 2017









2 thoughts on “Social Media workshop

  1. Great post Cian, thanks for that. I went to the second teaching course (when it was called The International Emergency Medicine Teaching Course) in Baltimore a few years ago and it kicked me off on a path that got me spending 4 months touring around US trauma systems last year on a scholarship and now Acting Director of Bendigo ED. It is well worth doing.

    Sad news for us is that Cian is leaving us to head to somewhere more coastal. Let’s hope we can convince him to keep writing for the blog when he does.

    All the best Cian with the next phase!

  2. Thanks Mark! Glad to keep writing for

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