The many faces of EM trainees: a quick feelgood post from a proud acting director

We’re looking forward to working with a great team in 2017 and the make up of it demonstrates the extraordinary diversity that makes up Emergency Medicine in Australia. Even the core group of people who have come straight to EM via intern and HMO years (and don’t get me wrong, that was me, falling in love with EM in term 1 of intern year and never toying with anything else) bring a great mix to the team. We have people from tiny rural Australian towns, and big cities, coming from the UK, Asia and Africa and via Canada, writing for the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine in their “spare time”, building a craft distillery, and lord knows what else I am yet to discover.

One of our advanced trainees next year is currently in the Pacific, doing a term in developing world EM while one of our new provisional trainees is in Liverpool England, doing a Diploma of Public Health; see her blog post here, describing her vision for a career combining EM and world health.

We’ve also got 4 new full-time consultants starting with us next year, all of them current or previous trainees. They include one of my first ever registrars, one of the first of our international graduate HMOs to be seduced into EM training, and two of our first advanced trainee recruits. I can’t tell you proud I am, of these four people, of the contribution our team was able to make to their development and of the distance that Bendigo ED has come, from a place where we didn’t even have a FACEM on every day and where there were frequently no ACEM trainees on the roster, to a place that has been able to train and retain 4 really high quality emergency physicians who would be a credit to any department anywhere in the world.

Thanks everyone for coming on board for 2017, a new hospital and more fantastic Emergency medicine training.


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