About the authors

Mark Putland and Ben McKenzie are Emergency Physicians and the two co-Directors of Emergency Medicine Training at Bendigo Emergency Department and Adjunct Senior Lecturers at Monash University School of Rural HealthBendigo is a town of about 120,000 in Central Victoria, Australia, a couple of hours from Melbourne.

Mark trained in EM in Melbourne with a little sojourn in pre-hospital and retrieval medicine in sunny Qld. As well as working at Bendigo ED he has worked in locummed around regional Australia, worked at Western Hospital ED in the western suburbs of Melbourne, worked for ARV, the state retrieval service and worked in private hospital EM.

Ben trained in Melbourne too and has worked around Victoria. As well as Bendigo ED he is a retrieval physician and co-ordinator for the state retrieval service. He also manages to be the Supervisor of Intern Training at Bendigo Health.

Tom Brough and Lev Veniaminov are two of the wonderful registrars in Emergency Medicine at Bendigo Health. Mark and Ben are hoping to see more of the registrars appearing on the Authors tab in the coming months. This is entirely because of the excellent learning opportunity it affords the registrars and has nothing whatsoever to do with wanting to shift the workload from themselves.

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