About EDCentral

In 2011 Drs Mark Putland and Ben McKenzie seized an opportunity to build a website for ED education and communication and EDCentral was born. We weren’t really sure what we wanted it to be when we built it but it grew and grew and now is packed with clinical resources, orientation material and useful links.

With the growth of FOAM, at at the same time a growing group of dynamic and academic registrars and consultants in Bendigo ED it seemed timely to have a crack at blogging, to share some of the great material that is coming out of the place.

edcentral.net is the new home of the EDCentral blog. For the main site click here. Some of the material on the main site is somewhat hospital specific (like our orientation manual) and of little interest to the public so areas of the site are password protected. We are working to free up as much of the site as possible for public access. If you are an emergency medicine professional and you really want a chance to look around the password protected area of the site please use the Contact Us section and let us know who you are and we will see what we can do.

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